About Us

What & Who Were Address Direct Incorporated?

Address Direct Inc. was founded in 1993 by Neil Dress and Sandra Rinaldi. As specialists in sophisticated targeted match mailings, the company offered Data Processing, Graphic Design, Analytic List purchasing, Web and Sheetfed Printing, Continous and Cut Sheet Laser Printing, Bindery/Finishing, Fulfillment, and Mailing.

Printing Sheet

What happened to the company and where did the principles go?

Neil retired in 2010. Sandra liquidated the company and started a new Graphic Design and Printing company in 2010.

Graphic Design Studio

The Last Match Mailing

Below is a short video of our last match mailing. With rubber bands, masking tape, paper clips, some metal strapping, and the very necessary Bic lighter, it was a six point match mailing that ran like a dream. We couldn't have wished for a better ending.

We give many thanks to all of the fantastic employees, customers, and vendors we had along the way. The relationships with many of you grew into wonderful friendships we will always treasure.

Neil & Sandra

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